What’s inside the SECRET Mercedes Vault?

What’s inside the SECRET Mercedes Vault?

100 thoughts on “What’s inside the SECRET Mercedes Vault?

  1. Mercedes should take a vintage car from their collection and make a limited edition maybach with it like for example 5 cars and make it like a raffle thing.

  2. Мой тоже в музей надо поставить)

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  4. Me:son get mr.wolfy were going to gremany to look at cars
    My wife:sweetie get money we going to McDonald's


  5. Your actually incorrect about gullwing being the most expensive car in the world that is a actually a 1965 Ferrari GTO and vintage Mercedes don't nearly get that high and when they do it is not a common occurrence

  6. I just feel sad for that kid not being happy and for not knowing who Arnold Schwarzenegger is…kids this day man…

  7. It's funny that this is their only video worth viewing and it's only because they got a lucky opportunity

  8. not the most expensive car in the world the most expensive car in the world is the ferrari 250gto

  9. Love old Mercedes. Not the car they use to be for sure. But these cars are the reason Mercedes has built their reputation on. I'd love to pick a couple out of that garage.

  10. 1:33 Michael Schumacher is a 7 time F1 world champion and your showing us a LeMans car
    So that point means nothing in this context

  11. You showed the 1st car by Mercedes Benz But you should have told him who the 1st test driver of that car was. That's even more interesting And you to be surprised for that era

  12. There’s Mercedes and other cars! Never had any other car and my w211 saved my life and health completely, yet sacrificed itself! My mom said that’s how it payed me back for all the love and care I had for it!

  13. I love how the guy left out the part about how Ferdinand Porsche designed the bug specifically for Hitler and the Nazis.

  14. I swear to God all these people are just going at Dan and Lincoln. I mean c'mon guys, Lincoln has a cold and they both aren't car guys. give them a break.

  15. It’s not the most expensive car because it has to be sold for it actually to be that expensive so it doesn’t count then I could sell a 💩 car ads sell for 500 mil

  16. I'll think about this garage every time I get into my Mercedes. Since I was a kid I was a huge fan and it's no different today. What a an incredible company with so much history and always innovative. Grat video!

  17. The kid is right. One simple rule. If its called a beetle then its a punch buggy. Even when they came back with the beetle it was a punch buggy. Simple, uncomplicated game. No assinine car guru rules. I knew about yhe car in your video. I also know there was someone who manufactured that car before volkswagon. Anyway, thats my opinion.

  18. That 211 at 2:30 is it one of those CDI’s they used in Laredo Texas for that high speed distance record like a decade ago?

  19. My dad's boss had a green Merc Heckflosse 190 D when car imports were pretty much close to impossible in India. How I admired the shiny green beauty.

  20. You shouldve told them to fix their rims like damn i work at discount tire and i see at least 10 rims that have cracked

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