Who Is Flower? | Season 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

Who Is Flower? | Season 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

ANNOUNCER: Rising from a
garden bed to get here, there are a dozen reasons
it will grow [inaudible].. Meet the flower. I blossom in every
field I plant myself in, and I’m here to
branch out yet again. I’m going to put my
pedals to the metal and make the other singers
wilt. To put it delicately, I hope the audience loves me
and loves them not as much. ANNOUNCER: The
flower’s the only mask in the history of
the show to have actual human facial features. Its extravagant
and detailed head design contains over 30 layers
of individually handsewn petals. America, good luck
picking out my identity. When I take this beautiful mask
off, you will be blown away.

100 thoughts on “Who Is Flower? | Season 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. Um…TAYLOR SWIFT,Delicate is a song of hers she said me which is another song of hers and the background of flowers is similar to the ones on her instagram

  2. Judging strictly by the 314 and the body type, I'm thinking this is Jennifer "mf'n" Lewis!! Or also possibly Tina Turner. Just gotta hear the voice. 🤭❤️

  3. I looked at the comments for people’s guesses and that mayim chick if you look at her google images she’s in a lot of flower outfits

  4. Jenna Von Oy was also on Blossom and she can sing the house down just watch her on The Parker reruns..I kinda hope its her!

  5. Additional Mayim reference: "A dozen reasons to grow on you." Could it be because there were 12 seasons of TBBT???

  6. First guess is this is Mayim Bialik, especially because of the 314 (pi) and blossoming. She can also sing but they didn't use her voice for Beaches because they already had someone picked out, so she lip synced. If not her, the flower and colors (green & purple) have serious Bette Midler Hocus Pocus vibes.

  7. Omg yes ! It has to be Mayim , remember back in the day she was the star of that TV show called “Blossom” …

  8. 0:19 There’s a 314 written in blue flowers there! 3.14 is pi! Maybe it’s someone from The Big Bang Theory! Mayim Bialik?

  9. There’s also “314” in the flower wall (won’t be able to see it if you’re color blind, sorry) haha so this person have something to do with ST. Lewis

  10. I think it is Mayim because she was originally a scientist and an actress on the tv show Blossom "i blossom in every field i plant myself in" and she advocates for women in STEM and flowers have stems so that could be a pun on that

  11. Mayim Bialik she is on The Big Bang theory and blossom. Hope it’s her because I loved her on the Big Bang and blossom

  12. hi flower i'm wtaching you on tv tonight i wish you the best of my luck and i hope the person your goona vs looses and your goona win

  13. First costume with human features is itself a clue. Fowler is known for being more robotic and less emotional than a normal person (like a female version of sheldon cooper). Add the fact that the actress and character both have doctorates in neuroscience (not exactly a typical sorority sister when you are up till 2am studying most nights) and the human face makes . Clues are pointing to Mayim.

  14. When she hinted "Cooking" "Empire" "I'm beautiful and I smell so good" I immediately screamed Patti LaBelle when she sang I was convinced. If she's not Patti then I don't know anything!

  15. @creeluv314 aka Jenifer Lewis she played Tina Turners mom in the movie: What’s love got to do with it. She was in princess and the frog. The princess wanted to own a restaurant and cook food. I’m a Master at this and bet the house on it! Write it down people: Robert Delgado said so……. proving my wife wrong one masked singer at a time.

  16. Pedal to metal could be a reference to the fact that MAYIM still drives cars with manual transmissions. She could be referring to a CLUTCH PEDAL. In fact, when I talked to one of her friends at a book signing in NYC in 2017, I asked if he still drove manual but they couldn't say for sure because she banged up her hand bad in an auto accident in 2012.

  17. Vision of love is a reference to her being Mariah Carey's god mother, she has a rainbow flag framed in the back ground Patti Labelle is a gay icon! She is a baker, her macaroni & cheese is famous…if the voice didn't give her away…look at her hand gestures when she is performing…the way she holds her mic with her right hand while her left hand does all the moving…Typical Patti performance

  18. OK 314 is the equivalent of PI which is to throw you guys off because she actually needs PIE as in Patti’s pie’s this is none other than the queen bee herself Patti LaBelle

  19. Its Pattie….all the clues and that strut when she came out its all in her voice and the movements. Without a doubt it's Pattie

  20. If you look on the wall, in the clues, there is a doctorate from Temple university..Patti Labelle has an honorary doctorate from there..

  21. Stop Playing…it's crystal clear this is Patti Labelle. The judges know it too and it pisses me off when they play dumb to "try" to keep us in suspense. Suggestion: don't have major superstars on here bc it makes it too obvious and no longer becomes fun. Like Gladys Knight as the Bee last season…Really? 😐

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