Won’t start scooter Honda Dio

Won’t start scooter Honda Dio

Greetings! This is a Japanese scooter Honda Dio AF 27 I was brought to start it, and if necessary, then carry out a small repair and maintenance. The most important thing is to find the reason why the engine does not start and repair the malfunction. The first thing I found out was that the kickstarter (the winding foot) was worn out, so that the leg slid off the winding mechanism I welded a worn tubercle with a welding machine The foot is restored, I try to start the engine No reaction, no start I check if there is petrol in the carburetor? Yes ! Gasoline is in the carburetor, I screw it back. But why does not start? It is necessary to check the spark plug, and the spark. Unscrew the spark plug It is seen that the candle is wet, this means that the fuel enters the combustion chamber. A little clean the candle from the carbon deposit with a metal brush. And we check the gap Applying a candle to the mass, we check the presence of a spark. The spark is, the candle is dried, put in place. Clamping is not necessary, so as not to break the thread! Put the cap in place! I’ll try to start the engine again. He does not even grasp … There is a chance to start with a drill. It is necessary to remove the engine cooling To get to the crankshaft nut, for which I will twist the engine. We take a suitable head and extension cord, clamps it in the chuck and turn the engine. Turn the ignition on, put the moped on the foot so that the wheel does not touch the ground, otherwise it can go away 🙂 As soon as there are signs of life we ​​try to wind up with a paw or a starter. It worked The engine is unstable and intermittent, does not hold revs. Do not forget that there is no cooling, the motor can overheat. The revolutions are not stable, the carburetor probably got clogged. I decided to clean the carburetor by removing the air filter. Unscrew the air filter We remove the fuel hoses and the gas cable. I untwist two fixing bolts. We remove float chamber It is very important not to spill the contents to check for debris. This is water ! Therefore the engine does not work! I blow the carburetor with air, using a compressor. You can use a hand pump, but for this you need an assistant who will pump. I blew all the holes that are there. I collect the carburetor and put it in its place. At the same time I disassemble the filter, and I will wash the filter element with gasoline. I rinse the filter housing inside I wash the foam with gasoline Foam will dry, then impregnate its surface with a special impregnation or slightly engine oil. Several times we scroll the engine to pump fuel into the carburetor. The carburetor is clean, but it does not work well, so the reason is different. Something, does not allow him to develop the speed … It seems that the silencer is clogged, its throughput is reduced … Definitely, I do not recommend this, the sound of the exhaust will become louder! From the tube fly pieces of carbon Adjust the fuel supply by unscrewing the screw (mixture) So that the turns are as high as possible Still his work is not clean I’ll try to change the spark plug Wet again Took a candle with a working scooter, it is brown as it should be It is already working much better If you tighten the bolt to the stop, the engine stalls, because there is not enough fuel. Obviously, if the fuel supply screw is unscrewed, the engine speed increases noticeably, and the motor revives and becomes quick And at the end we regulate the idling speed, for this there is another screw. Works fine I forgot to put on a cap 🙂 I wish you success !

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  1. лол реклама капкан с 22 августа типо в кино, а я его уже на компе посмотрел

  2. Здравствуйте у меня скутер Хонда Дио 27 у мен, бывали такие случаи посмотрите что с карбюратором там должна как зубные протезы такая чтучка плассмасовая и если она протекает возьмите соду и клей у меня тоже был такой случая и вся свеча была мокрая

  3. 僕のベンリィプロ50を、10万キロ以上持続させるために


  5. я заметил что трубка обогатителя шатается-это не есть хорошо,постоянно будет заливать от избытка топлива через неплотность по трубке.

  6. My scooters turn over and won't start they have been sitting for 10yrs what is easiest fastest and cheapest way to get them going

  7. Добрый вечер. У меня тоже заливает свечу. Карб чистил все гуд там. Заводится но как только даю газку глохнет…

  8. Do all honda scooters smoke because mine I started it and it smoked but after it warmed up it didn't smoke edit: also it hadn't ran in 20 years got it running today

  9. エンジンの始動性が悪いのは、ガソリンタンクからのパイプにガソリンが逆流してるからなので、逆防止弁をつければなおりますよ

  10. fantastic work. Can you please explain what did you do at 3:00 exactly? with the drill machine?
    I am sure you inspiring much here 🙂 Thank you

  11. Quando cambi la candela devi dare qualche colpo di messa in moto a vuoto senza la candela, cosi la benzina superflua va via e il pistone un po si pulisce.

  12. Thanks for this,I'm working on my dio for almost a week,before and after my class,and tommorow I'll try the drilling method that I haven't tried yet.

  13. o jasny huj nawet żeberek cylindra / głowicy nie wyczyścił – pizdzik by się miniej grzał do tego on cały czas pracuje jak gówno a to hondzina

  14. que pesimo servicio por parte de esta persona pena deberia de darle al subir este contenido asu canal solo habla que es un irresponsable

  15. Губку бензином мыть ? Ты чё ? Её ж бензин разйедает ! Мыть надо водой и средством для посуды чувак . Ты ж вроде мастер !

  16. Из какова материала губка ? , я проста не встречал бензо масло стойкие губки . Знаю что бензин укарачивает срок службы любой губки . Или от чего она ?

  17. Себе тоже бы поставил бензо стойкую но не нашол хоть и искал чтото подобное чтоб не боялась бензина и масла . Покупал оригинал с магазина

  18. Кстати , какая максималка на дио ? Мой пиаджо зип берет 120 кмч ,и он также имеет 70сс и колеса на 10 как у дио

  19. Я его продал но сабиаю себе сечас веспу ет 2 с таким же моторам . Может быть сниу обзор моего скутера

  20. was ist da los, schon mal was von umweltschutz gehört,das ganze bezinoil gemisch einfach auf den boden.Sie solte man anzeigen und die kare gleich mit abbrennen

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