You Won’t Believe the Horsepower this 2002 Honda Insight Puts Out

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s, where
everyone has a chance to show off their car mods, and here’s this week’s winner, today I’m doing a video on my 2002 Honda
Insight and why I think it’s the best car to own if you have a car you
actually care about, this is the first production hybrid to the US market
debuting in 2000 and running to 2006 beating out the Prius by a couple months
what makes this car so unique is just how many sacrifices Honda was willing to
make for gas mileage, this is just something that couldn’t be done today in
order to make it so light everything in the car is aluminum, from the wheels to
the frame and the body because of all these sacrifices it’s no wonder that
Prius went out in the end however Honda has brought back the
insight in the second and third generation both distancing themselves
from the first generation that was unapologetically hybrid, this has a three
cylinder one liter engine only making about 64 horsepower between the engine
and the transmission sits the electric motor which makes about 10 odd
horsepower because of the instant torque of the electric motor this car goes from
zero to 60 in about 10 seconds with the five-speed transmission and about 13
seconds with the CVT automatic transmission, although this is a
two-seater sometimes my friends can get away with sitting in the back trunk and
just covering themselves with the blanket although this is super illegal
and not recommended the design of the insight resembles a
lot of a raindrop, it has its roots in the classic CRX it also borrows the
gauges and the steering wheel design from the s2000 of the same time period,
because of its strange design it does draw a lot of attention
the only bona fide modification I have to my car is to increase gas mileage of
course so as you can see here I have a dryer vent and I only have this on
during the cold months of the year usually in the winter and so what I do
is I route the air from the front you can see this snorkel here that brings in
cold air from the front and I just reroute that around this engine piece
which I take off to make this all fit and back to my catalytic converter back
here and my exhaust and what that does is it lets the engine bring in warm air
to the combustion chamber and I’m not a hundred percent sure if it increases its
fuel economy through leaner combustion but it certainly tricks the engine to
think that it’s warmer outside allowing it to idle lower and give me auto stop
function while I’m in the city and in traffic and so that’s really important
for gas mileage in the wintertime so this is something you can actually do
yourself on any car you want really I’m not sure how much exactly it improves
gas mileage but I know that people have done it far better than I have, this is
just the easiest way that I’ve seen people also drill holes in the air box
the air filter box right here just to draw in hot air from the engine
compartment but it kind of helps to take the air off of the hot exhaust to really
get the effect so yeah that’s how I stay warm in the winter, I bought this car for
only $1000 from a guy here in town he was originally from the UK and actually
was in the crowd of one of the Top Gear episodes, he forfeited the car because
the battery had died after the car had sit for too long, I was
able to revive the battery however through a cheap kit that I bought online
that helped top off each cell to make the battery healthier and last longer
since then I haven’t had to rebalance the battery cells, what’s most important
to me about this car is the fact that I’ve been hit three times in the last two
weeks I was rear-ended which actually paid the car completely off I got $900
from the insurance company just for that little bump right there,
my mirror was almost knocked off while I was parked on the street and my dad
actually backed into me when I was in the driveway so you can say that the
insight saved to my Volkswagen Beetle three times from being hit and that
alone pays off a car like this, it’s cheap to buy cheap to maintain and it’ll
save you from the car that you do love from being hit, so that’s my video thank
you guys for watching and thank you Scotty for featuring me on your channel,
well that was this week’s video and to have your car mod shown on my channel
here check this out, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell! you

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