Zhavia: She’s Only 16 But Wait What Happens When She Opens Her Mouth | S1E1 | The Four

Zhavia: She’s Only 16 But Wait What Happens When She Opens Her Mouth | S1E1 | The Four

You know your dreams are gonna come true, and I’m just so happy you could put it behind you to watch You deserve it. ummmm.. haha (happy crying) Want to be successful enough to buy my mum a house one day And I’m willing to do anything it takes to get in one of those chairs On a scale of one to ten how bad I want this I would say a hundred million wouu How are you doing Zhavia? I’m great, how are you? Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m here today to get a chair. My family is here to support me, and I just love them so much I’m doing this for me and them, yeah How old are you? I’m 16 Are you ready to take one of these seats, yes, sir show me what you got Oh This is new to me This is new to you Initially, I didn’t wanna fall for you Gather my attention it was all for you, so don’t
Take advantage don’t leave my heart damaged To understand that things go a little bit better when you plan it ooohh So won’t you send me, your location Let’s focus on communicatin cause
I just need the time and place to come through wooohhhhh Won’t you send me your location Let’s ride the vibrations I don’t need nothing else but you wooohhhh Ride, ride, ride, ride, come and vibe with me tonight I don’t need nothing else but you wooohhh thank you give it up for zhavia Oh my gosh crazy, let’s see what our panel thinks. This is why I’m here Let me tell you something not only did she sing amazing her swag was incredible like a superstar you look Sound like move like a young icon Charlie how much did you like that I feel like I was listening to the future Here tonight Thank you! Megan you’re 16 years old Imagine her at like 18. It’d be ridiculous, and I think I mean I love you guys But I think he should be absolutely terrified right now Great job! Diddy? I’m gonna be honest. I don’t think that you could take one of these. I’m just being honest with you I want to know who wants to eat who wants that this is who we came here to do this is what we came here to do This show is going to give you the reality of what it’s about Attention America, no karaoke singers, this is not that show this is a battle show not like the other shows And I want this show to be a true reflection of this industry. That’s right To decide if Zhavia has what it takes to challenge one of the four for their seat. Panel, please vote now The verdict is in Remember you’ll need all four rings to turn blue to earn the right to challenge one of the four One! That’s a yes! Two! That’s a yes! Three! It’s a yes! One more blue ring and we’ll have a first challenge of the show It’s a YES!!

100 thoughts on “Zhavia: She’s Only 16 But Wait What Happens When She Opens Her Mouth | S1E1 | The Four

  1. URGENT! Zhavia has been nominated for #TeenChoice awards – cast your VOTE HERE: https://talentrecap.com/zhavia-teen-choice-award-how-to-vote/

  2. Talented but not that talented. Another "music show" contestant plant. Without the show or the back beat she isn't vocally that impressive. Her vocals struggle which is why she has that Cher vocal sound. Kelly Clarkson is probably the best singer to come out of any these shows.

  3. love to watch this everytime. zhavia is such a sweetheart 🙁 it’s lovely to see how supportive her family is and how her dreams are coming true

  4. Bella Thorne is that you? 🤔 does the Hannah Montana wig theory really work 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 the resemblance is uncanny

  5. I don’t care about this show, but this girl is phenomenal and she is the reason I’m stuck on YouTube for the past 2h 😂

  6. 16years old? She look so old for her age… Quite bullshit when you realise the next generation look alike..Shame

  7. Couldn’t they write in the title “…. but wait what happens when she starts to sing????” The original title is a shame to such a young girl and such an amazing singer

  8. zhavia: da stimmt eigentlich überhaupt nichts, lieber puff diddy, ich mochte deine musik schon vorher nicht, aber jetzt bist du endgültig bei mir durch

  9. What is the attraction with ugly dreds? Shes so pretty they really take away from her. Sorry !!! I know its her voice that matters

  10. Can you people PLEASE stop auto-tuning every friggin artist on this planet?
    YES WE KNOW that voices don't sound perfect all the time and guess what – IT's OK!
    All that autotune does is give "hot" people a chance to perform in a place where looks didn't matter for the longest time.
    Y'all know perfection doesn't exist, yet all you do is strive for it … such a shame

  11. She’s an awesome singer but I think the reason some of the judges kinda shook their head was because she used too much timbre in her voice and she kinda did that lots but yeah I don’t rlly think she’d be in one of those chairs .

  12. "Sean P-Diddy Combs" = a common criminal hiding in plain sight. He has blood on his hands even though you can't see it, it's there.

    R.I.P. — Tupac

  13. Unfortunately, the show probably is a true reflection of the industry. These 16 year old "superstars" are found in most singing shows these days. This level of singing is no longer special. They will be very lucky to make it big.

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